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Schools Workshops
The workshops for Primary and Secondary school students are based on an experiential and creative approach in which the olfactory engagement with art is given maximum prominence. The Fundación Ernesto Ventós continually seeks to extend the scope of these workshops to different types and levels of training, from infants to adults in formal education, always in keeping with the core objective of helping us learn to smell.

A Collection of Noses

This workshop sets out to develop one of the essential principles of the Fundación Ernesto Ventós, which is to identify and explore the vital relationship between contemporary art and smell.

Works by NASEVO and other colección olorVISUAL artists are presented and links are established between these works and a series of essential aromas.

The number of artworks and the particular features explored are tailored to the students’ stage in the Primary Education cycle.


The students are presented with different works by NASEVO and other colección olorVISUAL artists, in the form of colour reproductions of paintings and copies of sculptures which they are free to touch.

We consider and discuss the content of each work, the person who made it and what smell we would associate with it.

We investigate the range of essential aromas supplied (one for each artwork) and how to relate each one to a painting or sculpture. We smell each work.

We discover what essence the artist NASEVO associated with each artwork, which may or may not coincide with ours. There are personal associations related to our own personal olfactory memories.

In conclusion we make our own artwork, with scented paints that we can take home.

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LENGTH: 90 minutes (for all Primary cycles)
FORMAT: at the Colònia Güell (Barcelona) or in school
PRICE: 12 € in school/ 8 € at the Colònia Güell

What Does this Smell Remind You of?
This workshop seeks to engage with olfactory memory through different essential aromas which may be related to the students’ own experiences (grass, the sea, coffee, animals …), smelling and exploring our memories to find out if and how a particular essence relates to a personal experience.


We briefly explain how the sense of smell works.

A series of images are presented, each with an essential aroma next to it (some or all of these are deliberately mismatched with another. The very varied images are based on the children’s experience (animals, nature, places, objects, foods …).

We consider each image and say what we think it smells like.

We put on masks and smell the associated essential aroma and consider whether it corresponds to the image.

As a group we share our impressions and correct the mismatched smells.

We make our own artwork, with scented paints that we can take home.

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LENGTH: 90 minutes (for all Primary groups)
FORMAT: In your school
PRICE: 12 € in school / 8 € at the Colonia Güell