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The present COOKIES POLICY is an integral part of the Legal Notice and Terms and Conditions of Use of the FUNDACIÓN PRIVADA ERNESTO VENTÓSWebsite, located at the URL (hereinafter, el “Website”).

We inform you that this Website uses cookies in order to facilitate interactive services and enhance browsing and help us improve the functioning and quality of the website.


Cookies are files that are stored on the User’s computer, smartphone or tablet when they access a website and enable the retrieval of information (such as the number of times the User visits a particular web page) or to maintain the session and user preferences, etc. It should be noted that blocking all cookies may have a negative impact on the functioning of the website and disable certain services.

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The sections below contain information about the cookies used on the Website and their purpose:

2.1.  Different types of cookie according to who manages them.

The type of cookie depends on who manages the equipment or domain from which the cookies are sent and the data obtained:

Own cookies: These cookies are sent to the user’s terminal from the website.

Third-party cookies: These cookies are sent to the user’s terminal from a computer or domain not managed by the owner of the website, but by another entity which processes the data obtained by the cookies, such as,,,,

2.2.  Different types of cookie according to the length of time they remain active.

•  Session cookies: These cookies are designed to collect and store data while the user is logged on to a website. As the name implies, these cookies are stored in the terminal until the session ends.
•  Persistent cookies: These cookies are stored in the terminal after the user has closed the website and can be accessed and processed during a time established by those responsible for the cookie, which may be a few minutes or several years.

2.3.   Different types of cookie according to their purpose.

Technical purposes: These cookies allow the user to browse the website or platform and use the options or services it offers: for example, to control traffic and data flows, identify the session, enable restricted access, use security features while browsing, store sound and video files or share contents on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or YouTube. These are both session and persistent cookies. In addition, third parties such as Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook use this cookies to allow some of its functionalities. These are session and persistent cookies.

Customization: These cookies make it possible for each user to configure aspects such as the language in which the website appears or the regional settings from which they access the service, etc. Third parties such as Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook use these persistent customization cookies. For more information:

Analysis or performance: These cookies allow anonymous measurement of the number of visits and navigation criteria for different areas of the website and measurement and statistical analysis of how users browse the website in order to improve its functioning and quality.

This Website uses analytical, proprietary, session and persistent cookies for this purpose, specifically Google Analytics cookies, which have different expiration dates depending on the type of information they provide. For more information:


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The information collected by means of cookies can be used by the owner of the website or by third parties providing services to the owner. Specifically, the information from the cookies used on the Website is treated by the Foundation and by third parties, such as Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to monitor user behaviour.


As a complement to the information provided in our COOKIES POLICY, this section explains how to manage the cookies used on the Website by means of the different options offered by the most common browsers (Explorer, Firefox and Chrome). Blocking the installation of all cookies on the website will affect certain features and contents of the site.

4.1.   How to view cookies.

All browsers allow the user to search for and view the cookies installed by a particular website, and to find out how long they remain active and how to limit or delete them, as detailed below. The following links provide further information on this issue for the most widely used browsers:

4.2.   How to disable or delete cookies

To deactivate, limit, block or eliminate cookies, you must modify the configuration of the browser on your computer, smartphone or tablet. In general, browsers offer the following configuration options in relation to cookies:

The browser will reject all cookies, so that no cookie from any website is installed on your terminal.
The browser will notify you before a cookie is installed, so that you can decide whether or not to accept the cookie.
The browser will reject third-party cookies from the website you are browsing, but not the website’s own cookies.
The browser will operate in private or incognito mode, in which cookies are installed in the terminal, but are automatically deleted when the browser is closed:

Date of publication of the latest version of the Cookies Policy (v.1. 26 September 2019)

Descripción formal:
Nota olfativa: Humedad
Descripción de la nota:
agua, papel mojado, moho

Texto del autor de la obra:
De pequeña tenía un vestido verde i yo siempre lo llamaba el vestido de la lechuga, y nunca el vestido verde. No me he acordado hasta hace poco, en ver estas fotos.
El jardín de las fotos es el mismo jardín de la mi infancia, con la hiedra, los pilares y las macetas con lilas, cerrado. En inverno siempre me olvidaba que había un jardín y lo veía sólo enmarcado por las ventanas, y era en verano que me asaltaban toda esta variedad de verdes y los bichos.
Seguramente que alguna vez he vagueado entre la hiedra acabada de regar con mi vestido de lechuga (y no me he acordado hasta ahora). Que pena que nadie hiciese fotos.
Me lo imagino en medio de un gran calor de agosto, como cuando hice estas.
En medio de un calor que hace olor.

Descripción general:
Autor de la obra: AGRELA, ANGELES
Año de la obra: 2000
Modalidad: Fotografia

Descripción formal:
Nota olfativa: Champan/Aromas
Descripción de la nota:
licorosa, fiesta, espuma

Texto del autor de la obra:

El perfume es el confeti del olfato.

Joan Brossa

Descripción general:

Autor de la obra: BROSSA, JOAN
Año de la obra: 1995
Modalidad: Escultura

Descripción formal:
Nota olfativa: Floral
Descripción de la nota:
geranio, rosa, lilas, clavel, violeta, madreselva, jacinto

Texto del autor de la obra:

Disparo de flor (Título aleatorio)

Hay olores que ni la imaginación nos autoriza a poder gozar…¿Qué es un disparo de flor? ¿El sueño de una semilla? ¿Huele un deseo? Hay artistas que intentan decir aquello que todavía no saben…

Antoni LLena

Descripción general:
Autor de la obra: LLENA, ANTONI
Año de la obra: 1992
Modalidad: Escultura

Descripción formal:
Nota olfativa: Agreste-herbácea
Descripción de la nota:
lavanda, espliego, romero,  laurel, salvia, tomillo, orégano, apio, comino

Texto del autor de la obra:

Olor, presencia del rostro.
Rostro, bañado de ojos.
Ojos abiertos, que lloran.
Lloran lágrimas complejas de olor.
Olor a sal.
Sal del Mediterráneo.
Mediterráneo ya, vivido.
Vivido dejà vu (ya visto)
Visto los ojos
Que evocan vívidos recuerdos

Descripción general:
Autor de la obra: CALVO, CARMEN
Año de la obra: 2013
Modalidad: Collage​

Nota olfativa:
Composición de la Nota olfativa:
Humo, ahumados, alquitrán de madera, abedul, labdanum, styrax.

Año de la obra: 2004/2005
Modalidad: escultura
Dimensiones (cm): 60 x 32 x 23 cm.
Material: Cartón-espinas

Nota olfativa:
Composición de la Nota olfativa:
Flores, frutas, cítricos, verde, maderas, vainilla, almizcle

Título:  LUZNAS
Año de la obra: 2015
Modalidad: escultura
Dimensiones (cm): 140 x 160 cm.
Material: Neón

Nota olfativa:
Composición de la Nota olfativa:
Verde naturaleza, floral, lino, cloros, lejías.

Año de la obra: 2004
Modalidad: escultura
Dimensiones (cm): 54 x 80 cm.
Material: Madera-poliuretano

Nota olfativa:

Composición de la Nota olfativa:
Algas marinas, pescado.

Año de la obra: 2016
Modalidad: fotografia
Dimensiones (cm): 100 x 75 cm.
Material: Fotografia-sobre base de metal