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Smell is Colour

NASEVO is an indefatigable champion of the sense of smell as an unrivalled source of knowledge about our natural and personal environment which ought to be taught and cultivated, and of nas – ‘nose’ – as a word, a suffix and prefix with which to create new words that bring smell to the forefront of the senses.

Find out all about how smell is colour through a sensory experience directed by Montse Cuadradas

Past Exhibitions

Science and Essences. NASEVO (Olot, Girona

How are fragrances represented visually? How are they classified? The exhibition Science and Essences. NASEVO takes us inside the world of smells. «Ciencia y esencias. Nasevo», is open to visitors from 9 February until 22 April in Room 15 of the Museu de Garrotxa, on the first floor of the Hospici. Admission is free.

NASEVO. Science and Essences

The exhibition explores the scientific and creative processes of a multisensory artist who unites colour and smell by way of the object NOSE.

NASEVO. The Man Who Confuses Colour and Smell

The exhibition at the Real Casino de Murcia is in four sections: An ‘Introduction’, which outlines the artist’s beginnings and trajectory to date; ‘The Smell of Nature’, which presents a selection of works inspired by the natural world and the market garden of Murcia; ‘The Smell of History’, which traces the historical heritage of the Real Casino, and ‘The Smell of Colours’, which engages with the relationship between the different aromatic and chromatic elements.