The Collections

Initial | Fundación Ernesto Ventós

colección olorVISUAL is much more than a compilation of artworks of a certain style from a particular period. It is a collection built around the sense of smell as its primary focus of interest. As its architect, Ernesto Ventós, said in this regard: ‘My collection describes the smells that surround me’. As the creator of essences he was, he understood the world around him largely through smell; his great desire was to share this special world with all its nuances, and he found a way to do this through his other passion, art. The collection has been shaped by the olfactory memory of Ernesto Ventós, and each work, whatever the medium, form, colour or size, reminded him of a moment lived through a smell or found a parallel in his work. In other words, colección olorVISUAL is quite simply the olfactory memory of Ernesto Ventós embodied in art.

NASEVO is the artistic alias of Ernesto Ventós, renowned creator of essences and a passionate collector with a difference: deaf since childhood, instead of just looking at works of visual art he could smell them too.

Through his works, we pass from sight to smell, with the nose as the protagonist. These unique artistic objects unite colour and smell to give us an endless variety of styles and forms.

In this way his art, so full of noses, becomes essence, with touches of surrealism and Dadaism.

The NASEVO universe is full of olfactory chords.