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Slowly a smell at the back of your gaze

Slowly a smell at the back of your gaze is an exhibition that is understood as a crossing of gazes and feelings. The first crossing is of my gaze with the works of  colección olorVISUAL and thus with the gaze of Ernesto Ventós himself. It is a gaze that did not work alone: the collector’s sense of smell was what valued his predilection for the works. In this meeting of gazes arises the selection of works that is presented here, before your own gazes, as another crossing. An exhibition that gazes to give a possible feeling to a vast collection, supplied and based exclusively on the senses –physical and conceptual– and sentiments of its founder.

The show is designed in four large fields, all starting from sight and the relationship between the gaze and its object. The fields of the exhibition are defined by the following concepts: sight denied and blurred, sight of the landscape, sight of faces and abstract sight. Reading the texts that accompany each of the works of the collection we perceive that there is a lot of memory, time, olfactory memories and evocative images; of forests, of rain and soft earth; of having to remember to smell and of things past, some more remote than others.

But beyond what the artists propose that we should see, what is it that you see? Beyond your olfactory memories, what do you smell? I hope that when you visit the exhibition, finally a smell will slowly appear in the background of your gaze.

Pedro Torres

Past Exhibitions

Tracking Shot of Smells

‘Digital’ and ‘smell’ seem like two mutually exclusive words, but in this little exhibition their conjunction makes perfect sense. Tracking Shot of Smells brings together a selection of videos from the colección olorVISUAL at the Fundación Ernesto Ventós, all of which were chosen to be part of the colection because they awakened the olfactory memory of its founder.

Smelling Art

Ernesto Ventós has left us an extensive legacy, with the foundation that bears his name Fundación Ernesto Ventós, which is not only focused on art, but also wants to enhance and give importance to the sense of smell, from its most social side.

The Ernesto Ventós Foundation has the social mission of bringing the olfactory world closer to people, because its experience and recognition take on the value it acquired for the perfumer Ventós.

the lost identity. the face, colección olorVISUAL

The curatorial project Lost Identity. The face in colección olorVISUAL – a tour of more than forty works by artists from this country and beyond and represent a variety of disciplines, chronologies and styles – is articulated around the concepts of memory, concealment and dissolution, in an itinerary that unfolds in a large mirror and that reflects back at us the multiple faces of the contemporary human subject. As Houellebecq has pointed out: ‘We have tried in effect to replace the idea of God, but we have not found anything that satisfies us. I insist: it is not a shortcoming it is incompetence.[i]

the need for the infinite. Monochromes in colección olorVISUAL

I just saw some dense, deep and velvety charcoal drawings by José Miguel Pereñíguez. The presence of the black tones that the artist places with mastery on cardboard makes it to cease being a drawing, becoming closer to a monochrome painting instead. Regarding this idea, some classics such as Yves Klein and his golden and blue works, Lucio Fontana, with his wounded white tones, the black ones of Malévich, the McCollum art installations or the works of Agnes Martin, Saura, Morandi or Ellsworth Kelly come to my mind. All in essence have a single dominant color, surface on which tensions, enchantment, complexities, problems or serenity occur.