Social mission

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The social mission of the Fundación Ernesto Ventós is to make the olfactory world more present to us all, so that our experience and appreciation of it may be as rich and deep as it was for the perfumer Ernesto Ventós.

The Foundation was created with the aim of potentiating the experience of art through a sense we often undervalue – that of smell. The exhibitions, workshops and other interventions organized by the Foundation seek to make us aware of how much we derive from our sense of smell, which connects directly with the brain and evokes emotions, memories and sensations.

For Ernesto Ventós, to live was to smell, and to look at contemporary art was to rediscover the olfactory experiences stored in our memory. The perfumer wanted no one to be cut off from these experiences that, for him, were so profound and so wonderful. He wanted to share what he gained from a life deprived of the sense of hearing, which helped him develop such an acute sense of smell.

Ernesto Ventós developed and refined this capacity through his profession, and also thanks to his devotion to contemporary art. The Foundation seeks to awaken this sense, which in many of us is dormant, in order to live new experiences enhanced by smells, to learn to smell again, and appreciate this sense in our lives and in any form of artistic expression.

Ernesto smelled through art. What do you smell through?