Our proposal this week is that you smell the plants you surely have at home, on your balcony or roof terrace, in your patio or garden. They may be similar to or even the same as the ones in our video. Take a good look:

Now let’s get on with our creative project!

We’re going to create our very own fresh and cool cologne

This week we are going to make a fresh and pleasant cologne for these special times. We will do everything naturally, with whatever plants may be available in or around your home.

1. Pick some leaves or flowers from the plant or plants you want to use.

2. Place these in a glass jar or wide-mouthed bottle.

3. Fill the jar or bottle with alcohol, put a lid on it and leave it in a sunny spot for a week.

4. After the week has passed you can add a little water, up to a quarter of the total contents, so that the liquid does not turn white. And now you have your exclusive cologne!

We would like you to share your creations and experiences with us online at #myhousesmells. We’re waiting to hear from you!