We already have this week’s project all prepared. This time we’ll be going around the house, really smelling everything that has a smell … You’ll find a few tips in this video.

Now let’s get started on our creative project!
A thorough investigation of the house

Let’s make a tour of the house, smelling deeply 🙂

1. Take a deep breath in every room – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen … and try to identify the smells.

2. You can also smell particular things in each room, such as someone’s pillow, the plant in the corner, clothes in the wardrobe, candles, humidity in the bathroom …

3. As you carry out your tour, make a note of the ten smells you liked most. If you want, you can also write down the smells that you liked least, or even that you didn’t like how ANYTHING smelled!

4. Make a drawing of the smell you liked best. You are the artist here, so think what colours really represent the smell you’ve chosen, and express the feelings and sensations it prompted with shapes, lines, dots and so on.

It would be great if you shared your creations and experiences with us online at #myhousesmells. We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ve done!