Another week, another project. This time we want to get you to smell some mouth-watering fruits and make a fruit salad for all the family..

Now let’s go with our creative project!

Make a picture with your fruit salad and then eat it

Did you know that the sense of smell and the sense of taste are very closely connected? So closely that when you catch a cold and have a stuffy nose, you’re unable to taste the things you eat and drink.

1. Prepare a fruit salad, smelling each of the different fruits you use.

2. Cut the fruit into shapes to make a pretty or funny composition (a face, an animal, a landscape …).

3. Take a photo or make a drawing and share it online at #myhousesmells.

4. And now … it’s time to eat it! Mmmm … yummy!

We would love you to share your creations and experiences with us online at #myhousesmells. We can’t wait to see that you’ve been doing!