ABALLÍ, Ignasi pells
  • YEAR: 1995-2001 TECHNIQUE: clear acrylic gel and wood DIMENSIONS: 50 x 50 cm (3 piezas) MODALITY: painting
  • The smell of the body, of the skin, of the paint. Painterly body, painted body; skin and bones, picture and stretcher. Transparency, painting as non-fiction: anti-painting, the window open to nowhere, or to the wall, to the white. Behind there is nothing. Absence of composition, absence of gesture, absence of stroke, absence of movement, of representation.

    Given the impossibility of a perfect body, constructed, geometric, inorganic (an-organic): skin, wrinkles, scars.

    Beginning of physicality, of opacity. Smell of skin: sweat, blood, perfume, paint.

    Ignasi Aballí