NOAL, Laia Paisatge fragmentat (I, II, III)
  • YEAR: 2021 TECHNIQUE: Assembly of mobile screens on pine wood DIMENSIONS: 52,8 x 68,3 x 4 cm MODALITY: sculpture
  • Paisatge fragmentat (I, II, III) evokes the fragmented perception of the landscape based on the smells, textures, sensations and elements found on the beach of Portbou in Alt Empordà.

    Fragmentation is related to both perception and representation; we perceive and represent in a fragmented way, reconstructing what we consider a place from the fragments that we have perceived. This interaction with the world around us also determines the way in which we influence, modify and fragment the natural environment.

    In relation to the landscape, the work is constructed from a multisensory perspective, understanding it not only as an image, but as the accumulation of stimuli that we experience and feel in a place: from smells to sounds and tactile sensations. In this sense, Noal seeks to make evident the importance of the global perception of the landscape through practically all the senses, not focusing exclusively on sight. Looking for the meeting point between the exterior and interior landscape, with the will to endow the plastic creation with the ability to show this invisible space that is generated between the way we perceive and the place where we find ourselves.