Daniel CANOGAR sinestesia
  • YEAR: 2019 TECHNIQUE: 75 'screen, computer, generative animation EDITION: 1/3 DIMENSIONS: 189 x 93,4 x 5 cm DURATION: loop MODALITY: video OLFACTORY NOTE: fruity / floral
  • Synesthesia is a generative animation that uses our olfactori perception as inspiration. The world of aromas has been divided into 21 fragrances, each of which has sub-notes, for a total 75 distinct smells. Lime, thyme, amber or tobacco are examples of sub-notes, which appear on the screen as words with the color of the fragrance they are part of. The sub-notes are dragged along the screen, leaving a ripple behind them that evokes how scents linger in the air. The
    final composition is created by real-time meteorological data. After a location is selected, the words are dragged in the direction and speed of the current wind in the city of choice. A total of 21.000 locations world-wide are available, giving this artwork a universal scope.

    Daniel Canogar